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Rewrite Your Life Story Through a Fictional Lens!

Discover How to Unleash the True Value You Offer & Attract Your Ideal Client with Fictional Storytelling!

Storytelling is by far the MOST impactful way to grow your business, so you can attract your ideal clients & show them that they can be the hero of their own story, just like YOU!

And telling your personal journey through a FICTIONAL lens is the most powerful way you can share your story!

Fictional storytelling is the most impactful way to truly see the VALUE you have to offer your ideal clients & ATTRACT them to work with you!

Join me on a 30-minute call to talk about your story, and we'll uncover the pivotal moment that kick-started you on the path to creating the business you run today and the struggle you had to overcome to be the person you are today!


After the call, the video scriptwriting process begins and you will get a rough draft of the script, as well as a chance to offer any suggested changes within 2 weeks of the call.


The final draft of your video script will be written and sent to you so you can get started creating your UNIQUE STORY BRAND VIDEO!


This process will include your life story being rewritten through a fictional lens. A story that you can tell in your brand video to inspire & impact your audience, attracting your ideal client!


It's a 7-10 minute video that you share as the first point of contact on your website. You can also post it up on all your social media platforms so it's the first thing people see!


Its purpose is to let people see your ORIGIN STORY - the story of how you got into the business you run today, and WHY, so they can be more likely to connect with you right off the bate and be more likely to check out what you have to offer!


Life is messy. Fiction must make sense. Therefore, rewriting your life story through a fictional lens will help you make sense and gain clarity on your personal journey AND your business message!


Story is what drives human behavior. It's how we understand concepts, learn new things and discover life! Without story, we wouldn't grow. Without story in your business, it won't grow.

Most entrepreneurs won't be brave enough to use fiction to share the personal and business story. You're among the few who are willing to STAND OUT!


PLUS, this is a done-for-you service, so you don't have to invest any time in writing your script!

One of the greatest realizations and clarity the fictional lens has cultivated for me is a bird’s eye view. Truly being able to see my life experiences from a different perspective. ~ Morgan Lindsay Nelson

How much does a Story Brand Video Script cost?

The mistake most people make is they think giving the play-by-play of their story, or using an "About Me" page to share their story is enough. What they don't take into account is that their audience can't easily see themselves within that story.


Or worse . . .


They don't even take storytelling into account AT ALL when it comes to their business!


And then people ask themselves, "How can I appear the most flawless and perfect as the face of my business?" This mentality is completely backward!


No one wants to learn from someone who seems untouchable because it's too intimidating. They look at the perfectionist and tell themselves there's no way they can achieve the same heights.


If you're like me, then you know that perfectionism and looking flawless ARE NOT what we should be worried about. We want to discover how to be the opposite: how can we be the most vulnerable and raw in everything we put out, including our ORIGIN STORY.


This is your chance to stand out and be unique in how you put your origin story out into the world. Because YOU ARE unique, and you deserve to have a way to show that to your audience and clients!


And you can enroll for your own Brand Story Video Script TODAY for $497. 

*This is a Done-For-You Service. To learn about the Story Brand Video Script Beta Course, where you can learn to do this yourself, click here.



I don't want unhappy money or unhappy customers. If you don't experience the clarity around your message and who your ideal client is, if you're not satisfied by the quality of the script at the end of this process, simply contact me to receive a full refund!

No questions asked!

Get started with your Brand Story Video Script today!

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