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September 3, 2018



I’ve written two back cover descriptions for the novel to share with you!I’d love to know which one you like! Before you read them, I want to share one thing. The first one I wrote on my own, from my own creativity and imagination without a structure or guided steps.


The second I wrote using the book Gotta Read It! by Libbie Hawker. It’s a great book if you need help writing your own back cover description for a fiction book.


So, I’m curious, which one do you like more? Maybe you don’t like either. Reply and let me know!





Zoe thinks life is working out just as she planned.


Little does she know, that the decision to leave her old life behind after her boyfriend of two years breaks her heart, will catapult her into a pool of lost memories and magical places that she left behind long ago.


She finds herself at the cottage by the sea where she is befriended by the most unlikely people, surrounded by a magical force that haunts her waking and sleeping moments. Zoe must decide if she will continue to fear this magic, or embrace it as part of who she is and uncover why it’s calling to her.


To make things even worse, Zoe also faces a life-threatening experience, and is a witness to death for the first time.


Join Zoe as she ventures through California, Ireland, and Greece while making new friends and experiencing unpleasant ordeals – but most importantly, discovering the true magic that exists within her and all around her.






Is the magical force calling to Zoe from the shadows good or evil?


Zoe dreamt of the perfect life, only she’d forgotten that the dream of holding down a steady job, marrying the high-school sweetheart, and starting a cookie-cutter family wasn’t her own. And when this perfect life crashes down around her, Zoe wants nothing more than to run away and forget the faded shadow of herself that she’s become.


Leaving the safety of her apartment in San Diego, California to trek through San Francisco, Dublin, and Athens, Zoe quickly realizes that she can’t run from her problems. They follow her, but take on different forms—betrayal from her only sister, to quick to trust someone she just met, and on top of all of that, unexplainable magical forces that haunt her waking and sleeping moments.


When an unlikely prospect comes to her rescue in during a life-threatening struggle, Zoe must trust her intuition when she’s forced to place her recovery in his hands. If she can do this, it will be her first step to put the fear of judgment behind her and have the courage to face the magical force that follows her everywhere she goes.


If she fails, not only will Zoe risk her sanity, but the potential to forget who she was before she lost her child-like wonder—and her connection to magical unseen places—to the cruelty of the world.




Let me know which one you like, and I’ll use the one with the most votes for the novel!



Keep dreaming,





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