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A leap of faith changes everything

July 2, 2018



There’s only one thing more inspirational than working with someone for the first time on rewriting their life story into fiction.


Working with a returning client who loved the journey so much, he wants to do it again!


Today, I start this journey with him as he begins the 12-week process to writing his first draft. It was because of him and two other amazing people, who you’ll hear about very soon, that I was able to really create this experience into something truly transformational.


He had faith in me, my love for writing, and my ability to guide him through rewriting moments from his own life into fiction. So much so, that he’s come back for a second round!


Antoine Airoldi, is a Storyteller by profession. He was struggling to figure out how to get his message out into the world and his pivotal moment centered around confusion with success and money (tell me how many of us can relate to this!)


But since he finished his first story in my program, I’ve watched him grow in incredible ways. He now offers his own services with a clear and confident message, and works every day to create his entrepreneurial and storytelling dreams into reality.  


Here’s what he had to say about his journey in rewriting one of his pivotal moments into fiction:


“This experience permitted me to open up about my life, writing, and artistic endeavors. Without her, I would still be stuck in a rut wishing life could give me more. By having her as my Story Guide, I was able to overcome difficulties within my own narrative. I am a better man, more confident, and more open with others ever since I worked with Alysia.”


Incredible right? Fiction writing has so much more power to transform our lives than it gets credit for. Antoine is a perfect example of just how powerful it can be.


So, I’ve spent the last two weeks really preparing this program to make it the best it can be for Antoine, and for all those who come with him.


Rewriting your life story through fiction can be powerful for you too. Whether you’re an entrepreneur like Antoine who wants a unique way to share their story, or you want to write a novel that will impact and inspire your audience, this journey WILL change your life.


Take a look at what Antoine accomplished with his first story:




If you have a story to tell, or you want to reach your audience in a new and impactful way, this is possible for you too! And through these posts, I make it my goal to show you exactly how.



Keep writing, keep dreaming.




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