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[Story] Jade Uprising (Part 3)

June 18, 2018



Jade Uprising, Part 3 is finished, marking the end of this short story. If you missed Part 1 & 2, you can read them here:

Part 1
Part 2

I wanted to take a moment to explain a little bit of the symbolism in this story. I rewrote a moment from my own life into this fictional piece because it was a time that was very difficult for me.

Turning difficult situations into fiction, always helps me work through them. BUT, it also helps me create stories that feel alive and connected. 

The symbolism lies in Jade's instructor, who represents upper management at my job. And, the "system" is corporate America as I experienced it in this job. In Part 3, you'll see the ending represents what it feels like for an employee to challenge a corporation, think that they're winning, but realizing there's so much more to the battle.


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Jade Uprising (Part 3)


“You’ve lost. Give up now, and maybe you’ll be granted permission to keep your post.”


I stood over Mr. Douchebag who knelt on the ground, hands in the air, injured from the gash in his right arm from a metal machine that I managed to throw at him using only the power of my mind.


It wasn’t true. They hadn’t won.


“Look around you.” Cadence was fighting off a system worker just a few feet away, while her sister, Alice, searched for the key to unlock their main headquarters. “How can you think we’ve lost? We have you in the palm of our hand.”


Mr. Douchebag sneered, crouching like a maimed animal on the ground. “You think it’s over, but this is only the beginning.” He tried to stand, but his strength waivered.


I ignored him and raised my blade to keep him from getting too close. I had to give Alice enough time to find the



“Tell me where the key is.”


There was a loud grunt and the last system worker fell to the ground with one swift jab of Cadence’s wooden spear. I was certain Mr. Douchebag flinched at the sound of his last companion falling to their death.


“You’re alone now,” I told him. “Make yourself useful or I’ll end you right now.” I pressed the edge of my blade into his throat, applying just enough pressure to leave a mark while not breaking the skin.


His eyes gleamed with hatred as he leaned into the blade. “I welcome death. I do not fear it. But you have much to fear if you kill me and open that door.”




I glanced up and saw Alice holding a large bronze key engraved with the symbol of the system. She’d found it. Alice and Cadence both walked over to me. I grabbed the key, staring at it in disbelief.


After all this time . . . we would finally be free again.


“Watch him.” Cadence and Alice both stood over Mr. Douchebag while I moved toward the door on the other side of the operations room where the red door waited.


“You don’t want to do this.” Mr. Douchebag sounded worried now. Whatever was behind this door, he really didn’t want us to find out.


I held the key up to the lock, ignoring him. It was a match.


I paused, a sensation of curiosity and hesitation ran through me all at once. What if his warnings were valid? What if there was something terrible waiting on the other side?


“I’m begging you . . . don’t open that door.” Mr. Douchebag sounded afraid this time. I had to know what was in headquarters and why it was the reason the system took over and changed the rules on us, restricting our decisions after coming of age.


The answer waited beyond this door.


I slid the key into the lock, hesitating again.


“Do it, Jade.” Cadence spoke with a confidence that I suddenly lacked. But it was enough to push me onward.


My hand turned the lock . . . and it clicked.


“This is a big mistake.”


“Be quiet.” I heard a slap from behind and knew that Alice had hit the instructor across the face.


With a deep breath, I pushed the door open. It took all of my courage in this moment to look into what waited beyond the door, half expecting something to explode when I did. But my body relaxed when I saw what was there.


I felt Cadence and Alice behind me, surely eager to see for themselves.


“As I said, this is a big mistake . . . you will pay—”


Mr. Douchebag’s words were cut off as my blade sliced through his throat and he fell to the ground, grasping his neck. “I’m tired of your lies. Yours, the system’s, all of it.”


Together, we stepped into the center of the system headquarters. The big secret they’d kept from us. The lies they told us about why we had to work the jobs we did, and leave our families behind to do it.


It was all for this one tiny object that rested on a single table—the only two things in the entire space.


Tears filled my eyes. “This is why they’ve been controlling us . . . training us like machines.” I grabbed the sheet of paper from the table. Cadence rested a hand on my shoulder and I could feel her dread with a simple touch.


It was a contract. Our own leaders had sold us like slaves to the Northlands—a place where freedom didn’t exist, and societies were suppressed to the point of starvation and severe illness. This work we were being assigned was to prepare us for a life of slavery. One that would have us barely surviving. One where we’d never see our families again.


“That’s why he told us this was a mistake.” Alice’s voice trembled as she spoke. “We’ve gone to war with our own system only to face an even bigger enemy . . . alone.”


She was right. They’d won this war, but another one, even bigger, now waited for them. And the Northlands wouldn’t be happy when they’d learned what happened here. All of the system workers were either dead or injured badly enough to never fight again.


“It looks like it’s time to prepare for another fight.” I turned to Cadence and Alice who both looked as terrified as I felt. “We have the numbers. We have a chance to win this still.”


“What will we tell everyone waiting out there?” Cadence asked. Just beyond the doors of the operations room our entire community waited with bated breath to find out what their fate was.


“The truth.” I grabbed the contract and tucked it into my pocket. “That we’re being trained for slavery, to be sold to the Northlands like some unwanted commodity.” I walked back out of headquarters, stepping over Mr. Douchebag’s body, which had now gone still.


“When they learn of this, they will want to fight. And just like we did today . . . we’ll win.”







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