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[Story] Seeing Beauty in the Pain (Part 3)

April 23, 2018



Part 3, and the final chapter of Seeing Beauty in the Pain is here. If you haven't yet read Parts 1 & 2, be sure to go back and read those first! Also, if you'd like to read about the pivotal moments from my own life that inspire stories like this, join my email list at the end of this post to see how I write fiction in a healing and wmpoering way, and how you can too!


Seeing Beauty in the Pain (Part 1)


Seeing Beauty in the Pain (Part 2)



Seeing Beauty in the Pain (Part 3)


A cawing sound rang throughout the vast castle—the signal for class to start. Immediately, the other girls dispersed. Some went into nearby doors, others down the long hall or up the winding stairs.


“Well, come on.” Megan sounded annoyed but didn’t make any cruel remarks.


She led Minerva up the grand staircase. They walked up four levels, all the way to the top and stopped at the only door that on that landing. It stood open and there were happy voices coming from inside.


Minerva followed suit behind Megan into the classroom.


Just breathe, don’t make eye contact. You have to get through today and then you can beg your mom to never make you come back.


“You must be Minerva.” She wasn’t sure when Megan left to find her seat, but within seconds of arriving in the classroom, Minerva was the only one standing at the front. “Welcome to Visionary lessons. I’m Professor Hill.”


A middle-aged man with a round belly and a curled brown mustache rocked back and forth on his feet as he smiled kindly at Minerva. He wore a long brown cloak over his shoulders.


Minerva couldn’t speak or move. She felt everyone’s eyes on her.


“It’s alright darling. Being at a new school can be difficult. Why don’t you just have a seat and we’ll get started.” He gestured to an empty desk in the front of the room. Minerva hurried to the desk, thankful that he didn’t force her to introduce herself, and sunk down as far as she could in the seat.


She stayed this way for the rest of the class.


When the cawing of ravens echoed through the castle walls again at the end of class, everyone jumped up and darted for the door, including Megan who had apparently given up on being Minerva’s chaperone for the day.


Good riddance.




It was Professor Hill. He was the only one left in the room with her.


“The events from this morning seem to be deeply troubling you. Would you like to talk about it?” He knelt down in front of her desk. The smell of clove filled her senses.


How did he know?


“I’m a Seer, just like you. I can see things happening even if I’m not present.” He stated this as if he’d heard her thoughts too.


Minerva still couldn’t bring herself to speak.


“You know how to deal with girls like that?” His hand rested on the desk, so she could see his movement since she still refused to look him in the eye. To answer his own question, he closed his hand into a fist. “You crush them with your own talent.”


Minerva didn’t understand. She just wanted to leave this school. It was filled with awful girls that she never wanted to see again.


“Look at me Minerva.”


When she didn’t, he lifted her chin, just like the Headmistress had. His brown eyes looked for hers, but she looked out the window. “Do not let someone as useless as Megan Trite destroy your spirit. You have much more to offer than she ever will.” He pointed to her head, then to her heart. “You’re smart and kind.”


Minerva risked a glance at Professor Hill. He nodded at her with a smile. “You know what you have to do. She isn’t worth it. Show her that you’re strong and intelligent. Beat her at her own game.”


Butterflies swarmed inside her stomach as his words set in.


Can I really do it?


He nodded, making her wonder again if he could also read thoughts.


“If you leave this school, she wins. But, if you stay . . . and focus on your work—forget the other girls— then you master your abilities. Then you win.”


Minerva continued to keep eye contact with him. Something about his presence calmed her nerves. He wasn’t like the others. His faith in her gave her a new perspective, just with a simple suggestion.


It wouldn’t be easy to ignore the other girls, but she really wanted to be a great Seer just like her mom. Professor

Hill grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze.


“I’ll be here with you. I’ll help you.”


She gave a small nod back. It was worth a try. With Professor Hill’s gentle words and guidance, Minerva decided.

She would reclaim her place in this school. She would redeem her self-integrity. Not for her classmates, not for those girls who enjoyed making her miserable, but for herself.


The End




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