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Transformation is Ongoing (Case Study)

July 9, 2018




Last week, I share Antoine’s story with you. You got to see how he transformed his professional and personal life through the power of fiction and grew into his real purpose serving his own audience.


Today, I want to share another amazing story with you to really let sink in why the process of rewriting your life story into fiction is so transformational. I talk about it all the time, but there’s no better way to show it than to share the stories of those who have experience it themselves!


Jody T. Morse is a writer and entrepreneur by trade. She has been on this path for years, so writing isn’t new to her. In fact, she writes fiction on a regular basis. Yet she STILL walked away from the experience of rewriting her life story into fiction with huge transformations.


And the story she wrote is on it’s way to publication as we speak!


This lights me up! And I don’t take any of the credit here. Jody committed herself 100% to this journey, put in the work, and kept herself open to being vulnerable and raw. It was because she was willing to go to these places within herself that she transformed.



Read her story of this journey in her own words:



I’m writer/editor/publisher Jody T. Morse, but I pen poetry and fiction as T. Haven Morse. Though born in Buffalo, New York, I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. Now, I reside in the heart of a national forest, in the piney woods north of Houston, Texas. From blizzard winters to desert summers with a lengthy layover in the Bluegrass state.


When I’m not doing aerial yoga with my daughter—swinging from the trees—I enjoy grooming our rescue horses with my husband, listening to a diverse array of audiobooks, and cultivating my balcony garden. These are, of course, after I’m done putting in my hours writing and running my boutique press—Bountiful Balcony Books.


I enrolled in the program to rewrite my life stories into fiction because Alysia was involved. Having met her via other writers and editors, I knew she had wonderful things to offer my writing career and my life.


The chance to communicate with a writing partner/guide/guru via video conferencing appealed to me. I’m a connector and I loved that the program, not only incorporates email exchanges and worksheets but also “face-to-face” video conversations.


Alysia is super easy to trust and felt comfortable to me from day one. Each time I have a positive trusting experience, it helps to build my confidence in others (individuals and the universal “others”). As well, Alysia’s guidance for when to add to the story and when to pull back was helpful to gauge what she, as the reader, needed to know to enjoy the story.


Before I started this journey, I was a bit stressed with my business but excited about my career. Family was solid and friendships flourishing. I’m also fairly secure in my faith – then and now.


But, even being in such a good place before I started the program, it still provided irreplaceable transformations for me as a writer and in my personal life. My daughter and I already have a strong bond, but this process actually brought us closer. I read the story to her and being able to see it as a fictional story—instead of our story—helped us talk about the emotions felt in a better way. Additionally, I was able to forgive the individuals that made mistakes along my path—even more than I already had. I thought I was done with these feelings and issues. Turns out I had a lot more to deal with and Alysia and I were able to.


I would recommend this process to writers and non-writers alike! For writers, the benefits are two-fold.


Aside from the personal growth in my own life and as a writer, the opportunity to connect with Alysia and have her holding my hand through this journey definitely made it worth my time and dedication.



I can guide you down the path of this journey, but it’s up to you whether or not you accept the possibilities it offers.


Just as a football coach can’t do the push-ups for you, a Story Guide can’t write the book for you. YOU have to commit to it.


So, when I find clients like Jody, I’m lit up because they kept their word to themselves and to the program that they were 100%, all in.


If you want to write a book that’s powerful, not just within the story itself, but that’s powerful in your own life and the lives of your audience, then keep reading these posts because I have so much coming for you.




If you’d like to find out more about Jody or connect with her, you can find her below:


Bountiful Balcony Books (Website)






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