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Transformation is Magical

March 12, 2018



Some changes have taken place, both in my writing and personal world. As a result, the podcast and the blog will both be undergoing some transformation.


But don’t worry, these will both be positive and magical shifts that will allow me to give you even better content with even more value.


Fiction writing is my passion, and my calling, in this lifetime. But, I also have this strong pull to guide others along the fiction writing journey with me, so that they can also use fiction as a guide to heal and grow.


This is why I started my Story Guide business.


So, I’ve been thinking about how I can best mix the two—Fiction Author and Story Guide—into one invaluable platform. As a fiction author, I want to share more of my writing with you, and, as a Story Guide, I want to show you first-hand how to use fiction as a tool to heal and grow.


Here’s what this will look like:


Moving forward, these blogs will come twice a month (or every other week) instead of weekly. This will give me ample time to write and create something truly magical for you. Each email will contain a fictional story, or part of a story, along with a real pivotal moment from someone’s life, whether my own or submissions from others. The point being, to show you exactly how you can rewrite the negative stories of your life through the power of fiction.


Each story will be released in installments over a few blogs and will show you how to rewrite the negative stories we tell ourselves into something empowering that will allow for healing and growth around a specific moment or circumstance.


My goal is to allow you into my Story Guide world as well as my writing world. They will be merged into one magical outlet that I can share with you. You will get original fiction stories, while also seeing first-hand how you can rewrite the negative stories you tell yourself. Which is the message I want to spread as far and wide as I can 😉


To have fresh perspectives on the topic, I’ll also bring other fiction writers on from time-to-time and talk to them about how writing fiction has created positive change for them in their own lives. One last thing . . . I’ll send updates and exciting news as they come in between the regular blogs.


The second transformation is taking place with the podcast.


I’m sad to say that Sondra will no longer be with the show. Just as I do, she has a deep calling to write her stories for her readers and she will be dedicating all of her time to this.


The Wonder Scribes Podcast will be ending (since that format wouldn’t make much sense for me to maintain on my own) and a Story Guide podcast will be starting. I will take pivotal moment submissions from listeners and talk about how it can be written into a fictional story to heal and grow—much like the blog but in audio format.


For now, the podcast will be a little quiet while I get all the magic moving and pulsing through the content just right and you will be the first to hear when the new podcast is live!


I just want to be clear, I support Sondra 100% in her decision. Change can be sad or difficult, but it also opens new pathways for all parties involved. There will be a goodbye episode recorded soon, and we will continue to connect in other ways moving forward <3


Whew, that feels like a lot! But it’s also more amazing than I could have ever dreamed as things fall into place. I’m so honored to have you here with me as readers, fellow fiction lovers, and dreamers.


Look for the start of the first story and pivotal moment on March 26th 😊




P.S. I’d like your help.


If you’ve read my short story, Memories of a Whim, you’ll know that it was inspired by the song “Castle on the Hill”, by Ed Sheeran. Aside from using fiction as a guide, I also love to write fiction inspired by music. And it’s about time to write another story to share with readers on my website! That’s where you come in.


Leave a comment below and let me know which of the songs below you’d like to see written into a fictional story. The one with the most votes wins to story!


1. Sara Bareillas – Chasing the Sun

2. Katy Perry – Rise

3. Of Monsters and Men – I of the Storm



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