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Lion King Moon

February 12, 2018


Think back to a time in your childhood when you felt free, light, engaged. A moment when nothing concerned you.

You didn’t have to worry about a job, or bills, or other people’s problems.


You were just in the moment. Laughing, playing, having an adventure.


What memory comes to mind?


What does it feel like?


I remember a time when my cousin and I were on a road trip with my parents. We drove from San Diego, California to Wyoming over a two-week period to see Yellowstone Park and the geysers. If you don’t know what a geyser is, or you’ve never seen one in person, imagine pools of sulfur water scattered within a small expanse, with wooden walkways so you can pass right through the middle. Some geysers even spit water up from the ground like an upside-down waterfall.


But back to my story. I remember clearly, one night that my cousin and I sat in the back seat of my parent’s car. The moon was full, partially hidden behind a small group of white clouds. It was a deep yellow-orange.


The music that played in the car was the soundtrack from The Lion King, which was on repeat for probably the 100th time since the trip started. I can only wonder now how much it must have drove my parents crazy, but not once did they tell us that we couldn’t listen to it.


For us, we didn’t tire of listening to “I’’m gonna be a mighty king . . .” 100 times over. In fact, that night was some of the most fun I’d I remember having in my childhood. We laughed as we tried to impersonate the voices on the track, tears running down our face.


I even remember pretending that the moon outside the car window was “The Lion King Moon”. If we could just get to it, then we’d find the whole Lion King world waiting for us underneath the moonlight. Our imaginations were endless. Nothing could stop the fun we were having. No worries, or stress, anxiety, or even sadness. It just didn’t exist in that moment because we were present, and we were having uninhibited fun.


What I didn’t know at the time was that my level imagination would guide me to grow up and become a fiction writer. As a child, I knew I loved stories and that I loved to imagine things that seemed unreal, but I didn’t connect it to writing my own stories until I was older.


I know you have childhood memories much like this.


I also know that you have gifts that you may not even realize you have, just as I didn’t with my imagination and writing.


What childhood memory comes to mind for you? What gift were you using in that moment without even realizing it because it just felt so natural?


As adults, we forget to connect with who we really are because of worldly concerns or societal expectations. We let our finances weigh us down. We allow someone else to determine our level of happiness. We settle for a situation that isn’t ideal because we’re too afraid to seek the adventure of the unknown.


Reconnect with your childhood self. Rewrite the negative stories you’ve told yourself as you’ve let go of parts of yourself to conform or “fit in”. Belong again. Write your story. Share your story.


Find courage from your childhood self. Remember the freedom you once allowed yourself to have. That’s what I’ve found in my writing journey. I have a deeper connection with myself and true place of belonging. Through this journey, I’ve learned how fiction writing can truly change your life.


Imagination is my gift. What’s yours?


To rewrite your life story into a fictional story, you can remove yourself from your own judgments and negative thoughts, seeing your story for what it really is—magical beauty.




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