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Writing fiction empowers your decisions

January 29, 2018


What should I do?

How do I know what the right answer is?

What will happen if I make the wrong choice?


These are questions I used to ask myself when faced with a big decision. I would let stress and anxiety rule my body, mind, and spirit, a constant plague on my energy.


I used to turn to outside sources for advice, and while these sources were well intentioned, they only left me more confused.


There’s recently been some life changing shifts in my personal journey in this life. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of the decision I faced. It was BIG, and something that I knew I had to take time to think over.


This time, instead of allowing stress, anxiety, and outside sources determine my decision (and my well-being), I turned inward for the answer.


This is a practice I’ve developed over the last two years. It took time to hone this practice, and to this day, I still have to work hard to block the internal negative voice and outside judgements of others.


But I can do it.


It all started with writing fiction. Just as journaling is helpful for a lot of people to work through difficult moments or situations, writing fiction helps me reconnect with who I really am and what my true desires, struggles, hopes, and fears are.


It’s through writing my fictional stories that I’ve come to a place of confidence in my decision making.


It’s guided me to trust and have faith in my intuition. By writing and creating my stories, I’ve been able to reveal the truest parts of myself, to myself. And this has helped find the people and situations that will give me the most growth and support along my new empowered journey.


That’s exactly what I did when this BIG decision came into my life a couple of months ago.


Instead of returning to my old habits of searching for the right answer somewhere outside of me, I went within. I started writing the pieces of this decision that caused me anxiety into my current story. This allowed me to explore the pieces, subconsciously work through what was bothering me, and come to a decision that felt natural and good.


If you’re experiencing any amount of stress, fear, or anxiety about a decision you face, or something going on in your current life, there is a creative and powerful way to work through it. That way is writing fiction.


Remove yourself from the situation and escape into your own imagination. Let your subconscious take over, and it will. See what comes and trust that what you’ve written is exactly what you needed to hear.


I feel good, confident, and excited about what waits for me on the other side of my decision. Now, I want to guide you to the same power that fiction holds to help you heal, grow and create a life you love.




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