Internal Journey of a Writer

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This book is unlike any other writing book you have read. Instead of talking about all the things you “should” do to write your novel, or “how-to” write your novel, Internal Journey of a Writer explores just that—the inner journey one must take if they want to find true wealth and success as an author. What does this look like? It’s a deeply spiritual journey that takes you within where you will discover the limitations you place on yourself—not only as a writer, but as a human-being—and how to break free from those limitations so that you can begin to see yourself as the author you want to be, RIGHT NOW. This book is a guide for those who have tried using tools and methods, no matter how great, to write their novel, only to find themselves spinning their wheels and never writing the book. Here, you will find no tools or checklists, but a clear understanding that everything you need to write your novel is within you already . . . and that’s exactly what this book will guide you in doing—writing your novel from the inside, out.

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