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The simple path to writing your novel

You’ve spent days, weeks, months—maybe even years—telling yourself you’d write that novel and you STILL haven’t done it.

You want to write your novel to share your story and inspire readers that what's possible for your characters, is possible for them too. You want to stand out, making a big impact in the lives of others by connecting with them at a deep, emotional level that goes beyond this world. 


But more than anything, you just want to stop spinning your wheels in overwhelm and doubt when it comes to figuring this novel-writing thing out!



After writing three novels, I know that it takes more than using the endless methods or tools available to write your story. It takes courage to look deep within yourself and find the story that only you can tell.

I've spent countless hours, days, weeks, and years toiling over the idea of writing a novel, but never actually doing it, and I know:

You've had the idea to write your novel for quite some time, but have yet to make it a priority.

You've tried searching for the answers of "how to" write your novel, both online and from others who have gone before you, and only found more overwhelm.

The mere idea of putting all of your thoughts into a structure, and long-form, makes you want to pull your hair out.

When you finally decide to sit down and give this "novel writing thing" a try, nothing comes to you and you stare at the blank page before giving up.

With each day that passes, the urge to write your novel gets stronger, but you have no idea what to do about it, so you submit to the insanity of the story running in the background of your daily life. 

If this sounds like the struggles you've faced as an aspiring author, you're in the right place.

This is, in fact, where everyone who aspires to write a novel begins. As a previous aspiring writer, I get it. 


There's so much information out there telling you "how-to" write your novel, and quite frankly, it's overwhelming and defeating. You can spend weeks or months looking for what will "work for you" without ever writing a word. Doubt creeps in, and you begin to believe that little voice that tells you you're not good enough to be an author.


But pretending that you don't have a desire to write a book, ignoring the fact that you need help to do so, will only propel you further away from the rest of your dreams and desires. 


The truth is, when you ignore one piece of your "purpose puzzle", you set yourself back in all other areas too. And when you deny that writing a novel is part of your purpose, you simply cannot feel fulfilled in life.


Because you know, deep down, that if you don't write this novel, you will regret it.

I'm Alysia Seymour, Fiction Author & Story Guide, and I work with aspiring authors like you, who want to write their novel using a simple approach, so you can find the story you most want, and NEED to tell, and to actually sit down and write your novel without feeling like you're being pulled in a million directions.

You and I both know that your current state isn't conducive to writing a novel. If it was, you've have done it a long time ago!


You've already challenged yourself many times to start writing your novel, and get past these thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck.


But despite your best intentions, you've found that the novel keeps getting pushed to the back burner of your priorities, disregarding it as "not important right now", or "something you'll do at a later time"...only that time never comes.  

So what's missing?

There are two answers: Accountability & Focusing Within.


When you know that you'll be held accountable for writing your novel, you'll be committed to making it a priority and following through with what needs to be done.


And when you work from the inside out, you begin to release all the thoughts and feelings that kept stopping you before, connect to the big WHY of your novel, and finally get it written.

Just imagine...


Having a story to offer your readers, or "readers-to-be", that will inspire them through deep, emotional storytelling, to beleive in themselves through experiencing your characters' journeys alongside them. 

Feeling confident and centered with new clarity on your personal journey, how far you've come, and how much you really have to offer as an author, and as a human being!

How much easier it will be from this new perspective to write more novels in the future.
Feeling free and empowered, knowing that you've finally answered the call of your purpose to write your novel.


But, this is only possible when you invest in writing your novel the same way that you invest in your health or family.


Internal Journey of a Novelist:

A program to write your novel with confidence, community, and support.

During this 12-week program, you'll discover the importance of focusing within and writing from a place free of outside distractions and overwhelm. 


I'll teach you how to write your novel from the inside out and how to find confidence and clarity as you do it.


And I'll hold you accountable as you take undeniable action steps and connect with your journey at an emotional level through exploring your story & characters, and writing your novel.

I'll give you step-by-step guidance to write your novel free from overwhelm and self doubt, so you can see the bigger purpose-filled WHY of your novel

Weeks Eight - Ten:

The Heart of Your Story

This is the biggest part of your story and where you will share the most about complications, obstacles, & struggles you faced and how you overcame them by showing your character’s (YOUR) journey.

Weeks Eleven - Twelve:

Your Story Ends with Transformation

Wrap up the last part of your draft. Here you will show the resolution to all that your character (YOU) went through on your journey, and really reveal the transformation that’s taken place. 

Weekly coaching calls included!


Downloadable recordings of the 12 weekly calls so you can re-listen to them any time. They’re yours to keep! (Value $2,000)

Guided meditations that take you through the inner journey as you write, and that will help you open up to your story and to your characters. (Value $100)


Access to the Internal Journey of a Novelist (Members Only) Facebook Group (Value PRICELESS)

What you're getting inside the program:

Week One:

Discover Your Story

Unlock the pivotal moments and THEME of your story using real moments from your life and create your unique story idea. 

Week Three:

Decide on a Setting

Know where your story will take place, symbolically connecting it to your pivotal moments, by getting clear on the internal and external reasons of your story.

Weeks Five:

Structure for Your Story

Discover the internal and external journey your character (YOU) will take in the story based on your own journey through life.

Week Two:

Outline Your Story

Break your story idea down into 5 parts that will give you a big-picture view of your novel, help you organize your thoughts onto paper, and get you motivated to write.

Week Four:

Characters & Plot

Develop compelling characters—specifically the main character (YOU)—that jumps out from the page by visualizing them to life, and create a plot that will move your story forward with little effort. 

Weeks Six - Seven:

Your Story Begins

It’s time to start writing! With a step-by-step outline to guide you through writing your draft, you’ll be set up to delve into your imagination and begin writing with ease, from the inside out. 

I created Internal Journey of a Novelist for aspiring authors like you, who haven't found the guidance you've been looking for when it comes to writing your novel


As a writer at heart, I recognize the importance of getting your novel from your head to paper in order to feel fulfilled and satisfied.


I knew that to feel like an accomplished writer, I needed to take consistent inward action, rather than getting bogged down by everyone else's opinions of how I should write my novel


This program is different from any other writing program out there. I've specifically designed this program to take you on an emotional journey by having you rewrite the pivotal moments from your own life through a fictional lens. 


You won't have to waste time researching endless ways to write your novel because all of the answers you need will come from within you! I've used the fictional lens method for all of my books, and for my clients, and the results, clarity, and impact are astounding.  


By the time our work together is done, not only will you have a complete draft of your novel written, but you'll see how transformative it is to invest in a simple approach to write your novel, just as you would invest in your own health. 


I've designed this program so you can get access to all the guidance, accountability, and insight you need to write your novel.


You won't need to invest in another writing program ever again. You won't need to stay stuck in overwhelm and self-doubt, continually putting your novel on the back burner. 


And you won't have to spend precious time researching how to write your novel because all the answers you need will simply come from within you!

To guarantee that I provide the level of high-touch support required to help you write your novel and create lasting transformation, I only work with a limited number of authors at any one time.


Enroll today to ensure your spot.






STEP 1: Click the APPLY NOW button and fill out the application for the program.


STEP 2: After you apply, you will be emailed a link to schedule your introductory call. Please do not schedule a call if you are NOT ready to invest in the program.


STEP 3: During your scheduled call, we will discuss details of the program, what you hope to get out of it, and secure your spot with the initial payment.


STEP 4: You will be sent a Welcome Email with details on how to get started, and a link to join the member's only Facebook Group.



This is for you if...


You're ready to connect to the bigger WHY of your novel and make it a priority.

You're not afraid to be different and unique, using a purpose-centered approach to writing your novel.

You've tried to write your novel many times on your own and failed. 

Researching endless methods and opinions on "how to" write your novel has only left you more overwhelmed. 


You're ready to be in a supportive community and be held accountable for getting your novel written.


This is not for you if...

You're unwilling to move things around to make your novel a priority (at least in the top 3).

You're not open to trying new approaches and being the first to stand out and tell your story in a powerful way.


You're not in a place to be vulnerable about your life's journey and the novel you want to write.

Here's What Some of My Most Successful Students Have to Say:

“This program opened me up, professionally and personally, in unexpected and amazing ways. My perspective on writing and life will never be the same—after working with Alysia. I now have a new way of connecting with my craft.”

“Without this program, I would still be stuck in a rut, wishing my life and business could give me more. By having Alysia as my story guide, I was able to write my book with ease. I'm a better man, more confident, and more open in everything I do.”

“Working with Alysia on my journey to further heal myself through fiction was awesome. She showed me how to see the parallels between the story I was writing and key parts of my life." 

The only difference between those who actually write their novel and those who don't, is that those who write their book aren't afraid to EXPLORE their own journey in an imaginative way, and UNDERSTAND the commitment it takes to CREATE their dream into reality.

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