Eva Dawn is haunted by nightmares that pull her away from the only home she knows.
The truths that are revealed will not only test her humanity, but the humanity of each and every living being. It will claw beneath the surface to expose good from bad, and threaten to push Eva over the edge of sanity.
Simon O’Neal is among the few humans who call themselves Rebels, fighting against the Empowerment, turning humans into Betrayers, trained to kill.
Despite his heroic rebellion, Simon has secrets from his past that he would rather keep tucked away. But when his path crosses with that of a mysterious girl with bright turquoise eyes, his secrets are no longer safe.
Together, they find themselves thrown into the hands of fate, on a terrifyingly impossible journey that will bring many forgotten secrets to light.


"Once I started, I couldn't put it down, I had it read start to finish in under two days!"
~Mary Tackett
"It definitely left me wanting more and I was so wrapped up in the characters that I actually cried while reading it. The idea is so original, I felt like I was in the author's dreams."
"An incredibly well thought out and executed novel that is engaging and exciting for an adult reader, and yet accessible to its younger audiences."
~Jonthan Blair
"I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy sci/fi novels."
~Marcie Koteen


Eva is a Vitalist born into a prophecy she’d much rather forget. The one chosen to end the darkness in her world and the human world of Dysmortia. But when her first attempt—while believed successful for a short time—was unsuccessful, Eva wants nothing more than to return to a life free from the war that’s plaguing her people. Lives have already been lost, some of them because of her own failures, and Eva can’t live with herself if anyone else dies because of her missteps. 
Yet, despite her efforts, something stirs in the night. Together, Eva and Simon quickly discover that the darkness they thought they’d ended is, in fact, still thriving in the depths of the earth, turning humans into monsters, and much worse.
As more secrets begin to reveal themselves—kept by the leaders of the Vitalists—Eva searches for a way to defeat the darkness for good. But the most disturbing part is that the enemy she killed, fulfilling her prophecy, may still be lurking in the shadows. If Eva doesn’t find him, and end him, both worlds will be lost forever.
To make everything worse, Eva’s own brother, Isaak, slips toward the black magic at an alarming rate and when a black raven appears before her in Dysmortia, Eva is faced with the most troublesome fact of all. She must lead her people into battle once more, and fight this black raven to the death. 
She only hopes it isn’t too late.


Zoe thinks life is working out just as she planned, only she’d forgotten that the dream of holding down a steady job, marrying the high-school sweetheart, and starting a cookie-cutter family wasn’t her own. And when this perfect life crashes down around her, the decision to leave her old life behind will catapult her into a pool of lost memories and magical places that she left behind long ago.
She finds herself at the cottage by the sea where she is befriended by the most unlikely people, surrounded by a magical force that haunts her waking and sleeping moments. Zoe must decide if she will continue to fear this magic, or embrace it as part of who she is and uncover why it’s calling to her.
To make things even worse, Zoe also faces a life-threatening experience, and is a witness to death for the first time.
But most importantly, Zoe must discover the true magic that exists within her and all around her. If she fails, not only will Zoe risk her sanity, but the potential to forget who she was before she lost her child-like wonder—and her connection to magical unseen places—to the cruelty of the world.



"I absolutely adored this book! I couldn’t put it down wondering what will happen next. Reading through it, I couldn’t help but remember my own childhood visions and dreams. This book beautifully captures and reminds readers of the wonders that live in each one of us.
~Ella Glasgow
"I felt like I really could understand what Zoe was experiencing; her fears, her love, her disappointments and her triumphs. It was a fast, fun read, I couldn't wait to get back to it and was a little sad when it was over...I wanted more!
~Jeanne Anthony
"The Wonder Soul is a must read for anyone that enjoys a good low-fantasy story. Alysia Seymour has a truly captivating way of expressing the hardship and romance that this formative tale tells."
~Jason Pace
"The Wonder Soul is a great read for lovers of adventure and magic!"
~Lorra Munoz

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