I'm Alysia and I'm a Fantasy Author and Story Guide. I explore life, meaning, and magic through novel writing. Specifically, inspirational and magic-filled stories through rewriting my own life stories through fictional stories.
How did I get into this line of work, you ask?
In 2007, I earned my B.A. in Anthropology. I’ll admit that nothing else came from that degree other than showing me how much I love understanding human behavior and thought patterns—why do we do what we do, and believe what we believe? 
Through my study in Anthropology, my own determination for self-exploration and the deeper meaning of my purpose during a very dark time in my life, I discovered writing. 
Fiction writing to be exact.

You see, I’ve loved fiction stories since I can remember—watching movies like The Hobbit (original animation), reading books like Where the Wild Thing Are, and creating my own maps to find the treasure at the end of the path.
So, when I was going through some extremely difficult moments and emotional stress as an adult, it’s no surprise that I found my own fiction writing. 
Two years later, The Raven Dreams was written and self-published on Amazon. And this was just the beginning. You see, life had improved for a while and I thought I was past the worst of my own difficulties. I still believe that my writing is what helped me see my life in a new light.
But when life circumstances pulled me away from my writing for almost two years, everything went darker than ever before. I fell into a 3-year long dark night of the soul.
During this period, after I’d spent a lot of time alone and searching for my own dignity in the swirl of shame I was trapped in, I found fiction writing again. I wrote, and I didn’t stop until I had a complete draft that ended up being a novel that would become my support to find my way out of the darkness—The Wonder Soul.

And I did. 
A year after writing that novel, I’d come a long way. I dealt with my demons, faced them head on, let go of unhealthy relationships, created amazing friendships in the most unlikely places, and . . . I felt like a different person.
It was because I’d bled so much of myself into my stories that I found new connections in my own life.
What I learned from my journey is this:
My fiction stories are more than just stories. They are part of me, my healing power and my saving grace.

But more than that, I’ve discovered that the more vulnerable I can be with my writing, the more of myself I can put into the characters of my story, the more magic and freedom I find.
It’s been such a powerful journey for me. One that I’m blessed to share with the readers of my books and anyone else willing to listen. Fiction literally saved me.
AND…I’m passionate about inspiring others through these stories to find their own path to magic and freedom. Because I know how much of a struggle it can be. I know how easy it is to give up, and to think that the world is against you. But this just isn’t true. 
The world needs your light. My hope is that through my stories and the characters within them, I can help you find your own self-empowerment and compassion to live your dreams, to wonder again, and to embrace the magic around you.
I love hearing from readers, so please drop me a message with whatever is on your mind. You can do so HERE. 
I can’t wait to hear from you,

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